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Mentoring Adolescents towards College and Career

High School freshmen and sophomores referred by their school counselor can participate in our MAC 2 (Mentoring Adolescents toward College and Career) program. MAC2 is designed to inspire young people to begin their career and college exploration alongside a trusted adult who commits to a school year of weekly visits with the student in the mentor's place of employment (or in the community if the mentor is retired).

Sometimes what a young person needs to succeed is some "social capital." Many young people, particularly those who live in poverty or with other challenges, don't have the human resources available to help ensure their life heads down a prosperous path. However, with the addition of a supportive, responsible adult mentor, much of that changes. Suddenly, youth know more about getting into college even if their family is without means. They have someone to call for a reference when applying to their first job. Most importantly, they now have someone to help navigate the challenges of growing up and encourage them to stay in school. A price can't easily be put on "social capital," but it's one of the very important ways our mentors contribute to the community's vitality and prosperity.



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