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The human brain is wired for relationship - this is why mentoring is so powerful! The more caring, responsible adults in a young person’s life, the more likely he or she is to thrive.   In fact, research is very clear: mentoring programs like ours that follow evidence based practices are proven effective in a number of ways.

For example, mentored youth in our programs are significantly more likely than non-mentored youth to make plans for their future and less likely to commit an act of delinquency at school or in the community.  These youth have fewer unexcused absences than their non-mentored peers and they report feeling more connected to adults.  Where depressive symptoms or behavior problems exist, these improve after one year with a mentor.

Mentors do not replace parents, they are not perfect and they are not all knowing.  Mentors provide encouragement, support and guidance.  They are a wise older friend who role models how to develop critical thinking skills, set goals and successfully navigate life’s challenges.

Mentoring is a rewarding way to invest in a young person and in our community.  When you mentor one child, you change two lives.


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